Hi! I’m Tiffany. It’s so nice to meet you!

I own three creative businesses. It took me YEARS to feel comfortable saying I “own a business”. Mostly because it never felt like I was successful enough or worthy of saying such a big statement. (I’m sure you’ve met my BFF Imposter Syndrome. She loves to hang out with my other bestie Anxiety. You might even be friends with them too.)

My first creative business is my first blog – Always In High Heels. (It focuses on beauty product reviews and makeup/style tips and tricks.) My second is my freelance/virtual assistant job. And My third is my Etsy shop. Thanks to everything I learned growing my first two creative businesses, I built my Etsy shop into being in the top 10% of Etsy shops worldwide. All on top of working my 9-5.

Through A Creative Startup I want to share everything I’ve learned about blogging, freelancing, Etsy, and working from home, all in one place. Forget all night Google searches and running into walls trying to build your work from home dreams. I’m putting all of that knowledge right here for you. Because, let’s face it… working from home isn’t always a dream. But chasing your dreams is pretty freaking cool.

One of the best benefits of WFH life is that I’m always closely supervised by my CCO (Chief Cuteness Officer) Mila. She’s a Yorkiepoo who knows exactly what she wants and loves the finer things in life. Especially blankets, pillows, treats, skincare, and lipgloss. She is the best co-worker, shadow, friend, and therapist. (And I’m sure she thinks I need a LOT of therapy.)

Working from home and starting your own business can be lonely. So I’m excited to be on this journey with you and to help you grow your creative business from home!

Some of my favorite things